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Industry Associations

Industry bodies and associations are undergoing significant change as member engagement becomes increasingly challenging. If you’re serious about making member engagement a priority, consult with experts who deeply understand your challenges, the technical nuances of your industry and can articulate your message to your members with impact.

Industry Associations
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Key Business Challenges 

Membership loyalty: The pressure is on industry associations and bodies to find more innovative ways to retain and grow their membership base, boost sponsorships and partnerships - and keep a healthy bottom line.


Digital transformation: In a tech-first world, associations who don’t adapt to technology and offer the latest digital or virtual experiences to their members will struggle to remain relevant.


Personalisation at scale: From health to technology, marketing to tax, professionals expect a premium and highly personalised experience from the industry body or association they are investing in. 


Relevancy: In the age of information overload, the pressure is on industry bodies to offer their members  the most timely, relevant, educational and practical content, otherwise they risk members getting what they need elsewhere.

Connecting with your customers

Educate and inspire: Education is the key to winning your member’s hearts and minds. Keep content timely, dynamic and use language and visuals that are easily understood. Invest in offering a wide range of experiences such as virtual forums, masterclasses, workshops, webinars, podcasts and events, so members have a well-rounded and personalised experience.


Listen to your members: Listen to your members, regularly conduct surveys and polls, and be agile enough to adapt your content and experiential offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of your membership base.


Embrace virtual experiences: From digital magazines to e-newsletters, virtual forums and online ‘newsrooms,’ innovative new digital channels can open up fresh ways to engage with members, while opening up more ‘real estate’ and opportunities for commercial sponsorships and partnerships.


Celebrate your champions: Actively build your ‘tribe’ of influencers who can help attract and grow your membership base. Recognise member success, invite members to speak at events or publish their thought leadership pieces, and use the right marketing, social and PR channels to build membership advocacy.

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