Lead Generation

Generally speaking, lead generation is the activity undertaken to attract a person’s interest in your company’s product or services. The ‘lead’ can then be nurtured so the customer’s interest strengthens until they ‘convert’ into paying customers. 

The Buyers Journey

How are leads defined?


An outbound approach means you  actively go out to find your leads. ‘Cold calling is a typical example  of outbound lead generation. This is a sales driven approach.


An inbound approach encourages and invites leads to make enquiries out of their own accord. A webinar which invites people to sign up and interact with your thought leaders in a virtual event setting is a typical example of inbound lead generation. This is a marketing approach.


Marketing Qualified Leads are contacts who’ve engaged with your marketing team’s efforts, whether that be interacting on social media, visiting a website landing page, downloading an asset or signing up to a webinar or newsletter. 


Sales Qualified Leads are contacts who’ve taken actions indicating their interest in purchasing your product or service. An example of an SQL is a contact who fills out a form requesting a product demo or pricing comparison.  

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