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Adtech + Martech

Advertising and marketing technology is a fast-evolving and competitive space. If you’re serious about making your product or service stand out, consult with experts who deeply understand your challenges, the technical nuances of your industry and can articulate your message to your customers with impact. 

Adtech & Martech
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Key Business Challenges 

Complexity: Every year, the martech and adtech landscape becomes increasingly more complex, with over 8,000 vendors competing in the space - and growing. 


Competition: Technology vendors and agencies are struggling to articulate their message to marketers and be heard through the noise.


Economic volatility: Uncertainty and tighter marketing budgets means there’s more pressure than ever to ‘magically do more with the martech stack’, with less resources.

Confusion: There’s still confusion over the difference between data management platforms and customer data platforms, leaving both oversold, yet underutilised in the age of big data.

Connecting with your customers

Understand your customers: Marketing and Digital heads are time poor, and already overloaded with information. Take the time to uncover their pain points, and offer real solutions with your content. 


Simplify the stack: Even the most astute data scientist has problems explaining the nuances of martech and adtech in simple, easily digestible language. Keep messaging as simple as possible, and use visuals and video in a compelling way.


Educate and inspire: If your customer doesn’t know their DMP from their CDP, it’s time to take a step back. Try webinars and masterclasses, workshops and video demos, so your customers are clear on what you offer, and how it is implemented and used in real life.


Demonstrate success: You could have the most spectacular martech/adtech product or service, but if you’re not amplifying your message across marketing, social and PR outlets, you’re invisible to prospective customers. Leverage the right channels to showcase customer case stories and build your tribe of advocates.

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