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Discover the secret sauce to impressing the press

with AZK Media.


If you're serious about being a thought leader in your field and having great press coverage, then you need

media training.


Get trained by a leading journalist  who can refine how you communicate to the media, and help amplify your message in the right way, to the right audience, at the right time. 

What is media training?


Media training is about developing the skills you need to get your brand, business or personal message across succinctly, and with impact.


Why do I need media training?


Understanding how to communicate with the media is a core skill for all executives and thought leaders who are serious about amplifying their message in the market.


If you are an effective, engaging and prolific spokesperson, the media will turn to you again and again for expert commentary and insights.


 What will I learn?


  • How to speak in a way that people take notice

  • How to use your tone, words and body language to deliver your message in a way that resonates

  • How to be clear, concise and relevant

  • How to define and package your key messages in a way that is focused and suits your target audience

  • How to manage difficult questions or interviewers

  • How to mitigate risk, control the interview and manage more challenging questions without compromising your reputation.

Why choose AZK Media for your media training?


With a journalism background spanning over 15 years across, including writing for The Times (UK), Reuters, CMO, PC World, Fast Business and CIO, Azadeh Williams has interviewed hundreds of business, political and legal leaders, including executives from the likes of Oracle, Adobe, Facebook, Ebay and SalesForce.


She knows what it takes for a leader to make a truly powerful impact with the right message that resonates with media.


As a lecturer in the faculty of journalism at Macleay College, Azadeh was instrumental in developing the entire elective curriculum for business journalism and professional news practice, and understands how to curate an effective training program tailored to suit your individual needs.




Whether you are a public figure, a business executive team or a PR firm with clients who need media training, we have a wide range of courses and workshops:


  • Private hourly tuition

  • Half-day team workshops

  • Full-day team workshops

  • Refresher courses

  • 'Mock' press interviews

All media training sessions include our exclusive suite of hardcopy media learning resources and guides.

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