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AZK Media founder joins Global AI Ethics Institute executive board

AZK Media amplifies critical issues around ethical AI as founder joins

Global AI Ethics Institute executive board

The award-winning global technology PR agency’s Founder and Managing Director Azadeh Williams’ executive board appointment is a natural extension of AZK Media’s commitment to amplifying critical messages around the ethics of artificial intelligence

Technology PR Agency AZK Media has announced its Founder and Managing Director Azadeh Williams has joined the executive board of the Global AI Ethics Institute.

Global spending on artificial intelligence (AI) is set to more than double between 2023 and 2026, according to the latest forecasts from IDC. This will see it reach US$154 billion this year and increase to over US$300 billion in 2026.

While the potential to leverage AI to automate workflows, save time and scale businesses is exciting, policymakers around the world are faced with the challenging task of regulating the emerging technology to protect society from its misuse and widespread harm.

As more technology companies roll out AI systems and test them on the public, the pressure is on regulators to adapt legal and ethical frameworks to keep up with the rapid rollout and pace of innovation.

The Global AI Ethics Institute is the only global think tank, addressing ethics applied to AI through cultural lenses. Founded in 2021 by renowned AI Ethicist Dr. Emmanuel Goffi and lecturer and owner of the FutureHR consulting firm Aco Momcilovic, the Institute is set to promote respect for cultural diversity, specifically in the field of ethics applied to AI. Importantly, the Institute opens meaningful, ‘outside the box’ thinking and debate around the ethical implications of AI, offering an open-minded and non-judgmental forum where all voices are heard.

“As a PR agency that specialises in driving growth for technology companies in new and emerging markets, we’re in a unique position to educate, guide and provide tailored counsel to our clients around ethical AI frameworks to protect and uphold their reputation in an ever-changing, data-driven marketplace,” AZK Media Founder and Managing Director Azadeh Williams says.

“This recent executive board appointment is a natural extension of AZK Media’s ongoing commitment to amplify critical messages concerning the ethics of artificial intelligence beyond our clients to the wider global AI community.”

“At the heart of building sustainable ethical AI frameworks is communication,” says Global AI Ethics Institute Co-Founder Aco Momcilovic, “As a global technology communications leader, Azadeh’s executive board appointment is a valuable addition to our diverse community, and we welcome her contribution as we continue to drive education, debate and change across international and transcultural forums.”

The announcement of Williams' appointment has received widespread coverage across leading technology titles such as Women Love Tech, AIThority, Techday and Marketech APAC

About AZK Media

AZK Media is an award-winning Technology PR and Marketing Agency, representing the B2B AI, BI, data, martech, adtech, tax and finance sectors. Founded in 2017, AZK Media services clients seeking to expand and grow across APAC, North America and UK/EMEA.

Leading organisations like Amperity, GfK, SnapLogic, Eagle Eye and Storyblok leverage AZK Media’s deep understanding of complex, emerging and innovative industries and capability to scale marketing and PR campaigns that drive measurable results.

AZK Media has been consistently recognised by B&T and Mumbrella as leaders in public relations, marketing and entrepreneurship.

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