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Featured in Forbes: Experts reveal the biggest challenges marketers face in 2022

Senior business leaders rely on their in-house marketing teams or agency partners to ensure consumers continue to see the company in good light, especially amid the economic turmoil and uncertainty the last two years have presented.

As the business world slowly begins regaining its equilibrium, absorbing and rebounding from the aftershock of unexpected downturns, a marketer’s job has arguably never been more important. In this article featured on Forbes, 15 Forbes Agency Council members, including AZK Media’s Founder and Managing Partner Azadeh Williams, voice their perspectives on the challenges marketers are facing this year.

“The top challenge is burnout,” Azadeh shares without hesitation. “The media and communications industry has some of the highest rates of burnout, and things are only getting worse.

“With the increasing digital pace of change, globalisation, and multiple messaging and project management channels, marketers are now expected to be constantly switched on. Add in budget restraints and intense pressure to drive leads fast, and it’s a recipe for a well-being disaster.”

Other marketing challenges experts highlighted in the feature article include:

  • Dealing with data depreciation

  • Not having a solid marketing plan

  • Revising keywords to reflect current conditions

  • Testing emerging channels

  • Breaking through the digital clutter

  • Staying ahead of the pace of change

  • Understanding how upper funnel activities impact lower funnel events

  • Rising above the noise

  • Quantifying ROI

  • Measuring and articulating business value to non-marketers

  • Effectively promoting content

  • Hiring talent

  • Delivering quality content at scale

  • Maintaining the effectiveness of your website

Read the full article on Forbes here.


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