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IWD Feature Interview: Breaking the bias in technology

Despite all the progress in technology companies, there is still a gender pay gap. Nearly one in ten company boards have no women. International Women’s Day is a moment for focus on diversity in the technology sector. As much as it is a day to celebrate the strides that have been gained in the workplace, it is also a day to mark the distance that still needs to be traveled.

At AZK Media, we believe diversity from board level down has a profound ability to transform technology companies for the better. Diversity brings different perspectives coming to the table to solve complex business problems, which in turns, fosters fresh ideas and business innovation.

Here are some tips on how to break bias and encourage more women to challenge the status quo.

Educate and inspire more women to ‘own and celebrate their difference.’ Don’t try to be like ‘one of the boys’ to fit in. Just embrace who you are! Remember, what makes you different, makes you special. When you own ‘you’ and teach others to do so, you start to create a movement in ‘normalising’ diversity in all its power and glory.

Be fearless: Stand up to the laggards, traditionalists and those who are afraid of change. Continue to make noise, because together, our voices are far louder.

Mentor and be the guiding light: If you have reached a position of power and influence as a woman in the technology industry, there’s an instinctive duty to lead the next generation of female tech leaders. So keep on being proactive, mentor and give that helping hand when it’s needed. Even the smallest referral or a shoulder to cry on - can make all the difference!

'You're worth it': Often female leaders fall into the trap of having to constantly ‘prove their worth,’ taking on more workload and responsibilities than their male counterparts. Work smarter, focus on your wellbeing, be more in tune with your authentic self – don't get too wrapped up in the weeds' of your role.

Define what success looks like to you: Diversity, delegation and collaboration are critical to scaling your business. By investing in people, a company not only has the premium resources and capability to deliver the best value for our clients, but it can also collaborate together and function like a ‘well-oiled machine’ to be a productive, happy and thriving business.

Define priorities: Family, health and wellbeing come first. They fuel our passion, productivity and motivation. Technology organisations need to realise that regardless of gender, background or religion, wellbeing matters, and is the backbone of a healthier and more innovative talent pool. It's what we believe at AZK Media, and what we believe more organisations need to embrace in order to grow in today's increasingly globalised marketplace.

These tips and insights are extracted from AZK Media founder Azadeh Williams' recent feature interviews appearing in Women Love Tech Magazine, Dynamic Business, Typewriter and Marketech APAC.

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