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Cloud + SaaS

The global enterprise software space is extremely crowded. If you’re serious about making your solution stand out, consult with experts who deeply understand your challenges, the technical nuances of your industry and can articulate your message to your customers with impact.

Cloud + SaaS
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Key Business Challenges 

Competition: Cloud, SaaS and Enterprise software is a fiercely competitive space, with thousands of new players surfacing around the world every year. The choices are endless and at times, overwhelming.


Migration: Convincing customers to migrate from legacy, server-based platforms to the cloud is extremely challenging, particularly in areas such as finance and health, where adoption is slow. 


Security: Privacy and security risks and data protection remain key concerns, as businesses become wary of managing and maintaining large volumes of highly sensitive data.


Integration: In the age of interoperability and multi-cloud environments, software that offers a high level of integration is still a challenge, with many software systems still struggling to ‘talk’ to each other.

Connecting with your customers

Understand your customers: Break down your customer’s problems, then explain, in simple terms, how your software is the right solution. Keep content dynamic and use language and visuals that are easily understood. It could be that one helpful factsheet, checklist or quick tip that helps you attract your next customer and give you that competitive advantage.


Be experiential: With competition fierce in cloud, SaaS and enterprise software, it’s the solutions providers that offer the best experience to their customers, beyond the product, that stand out from the crowd. Listen to your customers and give your clients the experience, via the right channels, that they need.


Demonstrate success: You could have the most exceptional solution, but if you’re not amplifying your message across marketing, social and PR outlets, you’re invisible to your prospective customers. Leverage the right channels to showcase customer stories and the results they achieved using your product, and showcase why they chose your innovative solution over others.

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