Common B2B Marketing Concerns

Q1. Why are clients finding my competitors over me?

Your competitors are most likely investing heavily in a healthy mix of inbound, social, content, event marketing, and PR activity, which is driving customers’ attention to them. To gain the edge, it’s time to redefine marketing and what it can do for you.

Q2. But budgets are tight right now, what do I do?

When budgets are tight in a volatile economy, it’s easy to cut marketing in an effort to save costs. But it’s businesses who rethink a smarter marketing strategy in tough times who can weather the storm. Hiring a full-time marketing team may not give you the agility you need to maximise ROI in the current uncertain climate. Instead, consider investing in a team equivalent to 6+ premium inhouse hires, at a fraction of the cost.

Q3. I’ve had bad experiences with agencies in the past, what makes you different?

We’ve all seen agencies overcharge and under-deliver, outsourcing work to cheap junior writers, designers, or account managers to maximise their profits. AZK Media only works with you if we deeply and genuinely understand your industry, so we can maximise your profits. AZK Media uses only the very best, highly experienced talent on your account, in order to offer you the maximum value for your marketing investment.

Q4. How do you discover what we actually need?

A forensic analysis of your business uncovers organisational bottle necks, client problems, industry challenges, and competitive advantage. From awareness through to conversion and retention, AZK Media deep dives into your customer journey and uncovers creative ways to engage at each touch point with carefully crafted marketing and communication messages. We then build a lean, highly agile solution tailored to your budget. 

Q5. What does engaging with you look like?

AZK Media’s approach is highly immersive, and performs as a natural extension of your team. Whether you need to outsource all of, or components of, your marketing capability, we are fully flexible to meet the ever-changing needs of your business. 

Q6. Why is marketing, content and storytelling important to my business?

Businesses who still see marketing as the ‘arts & crafts’ or ‘colouring in department,’ fail to understand the true power or potential of customer engagement, content and authentic storytelling that demonstrates true empathy. Define your customer problems, refine your business narrative around why your solution solves their key industry challenges, and then amplify these messages through the right channels. Only then can you win your customers' hearts and minds, and build a business that attracts and retains your ideal customer base.

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