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Data Driven Storytelling


Educate, inspire and drive better business decision-making with the power of data. 

Discover how ‘telling a clear and compelling story’ with data can transform your business.

Does Your Audience Understand Your Data?
We all learn and engage with content in different ways

Whether you're communicating data findings internally within your organisation, or sharing it externally with stakeholders, partners, prospects or the press, clarity is key. We all digest information in different ways, some of us prefer our data presented visually in an infographic, others like to watch a video, while others may wish to read a report. This is why in order to engage a wider, captive audience, an effective data storytelling project needs to present data in a range of easy-to-understand formats. 

Why is Data Driven Storytelling Important to Your Business?

Big Data

In the age of big data, more organisations are starting to collect and analyse data across marketing sentiment, business conditions, technology adoption, employee experience and health and wellbeing.


The analysis of data needs to be communicated clearly across your business and to your audience, to help support better business decisions, support use case or scale marketing messages.


Easy to understand data facilitates faster and better decision-making.  Sisense reports 5% of listeners remember the statistics and the concepts they described, and 63% will remember stories used to illustrate key concepts.


Forbes reports a good data storyteller will 'define the next decade' of data as they'll be the ones to make sense of it for

everyone, so the data can be best leveraged for business 


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Examples of Data Driven Storytelling
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Clinic to Cloud

INBOUND LEAD GENERATION - Data storytelling that integrates a downloadable research report with data animation videos, webinars and SEO-rich blog content can be a powerful way to support your inbound lead pipeline.

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INSIGHTS ANALYSIS - A data-driven report that’s highly visual and animated can be a compelling way to showcase your industry insights, deeper understanding of your customer’s pain points and how you can help them.

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LEADERSHIP POSITIONING - Position your company as the leading, trusted company in the public eye with a data storytelling campaign that integrates extensive industry research with press coverage, industry events and animated social media campaigns.

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