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Content Marketing

Content that resonates with your customer at an emotional level is a powerful way to build trust with your brand and attract an engaged audience.

Build Authentic Human Connections with Content

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Why is an Emotional Connection Important?

Buying behaviour is heavily influenced by emotional triggers. Beyond price and features, buyers often have a ‘gut feeling’ when making purchasing decisions as to which option is best suited to their needs. With this in mind, you should aim to create content that provides value and also connects with buyers on a 'human' level.


By applying this layered framework, your marketing message should lead with the emotional connection, then highlight the benefit of your proposed solution and then lastly, describe your product features.

Key Benefits of Content Marketing to Your Business


Content marketing can help increase trust and strengthen credibility with your business, as it demonstrates you understand your customers’ pain points and know how to solve them.


Having your own premium media channel such as a digital magazine, podcast, newsletter or video stream sets you apart from competitors and helps you stand out from the crowd.


Content marketing is a critical aspect of inbound lead generation. When applied strategically, it can attract an engaged audience, shorten sales cycles and boost conversion rates.



In the age of customer experience, an exceptional content marketing channel can give your existing customers an ‘experience beyond the product’, which helps strengthen customer retention and advocacy.

Examples of Content Marketing



OWNED MEDIA CHANNEL - Why have a boring blog when you can have your own premium news channel? A digital magazine that integrates written, video and podcast content can be a powerful way to showcase your industry leadership, attract an audience and generate leads at scale.

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The Tax Institute

VIDEO MARKETING CAMPAIGNS - A video content strategy is a powerful way to attract an audience to your campaign, whether it be a video interview series with C-Suite influencers or thought leaders, data-driven animations or engaging customer advocacy videos.

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INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNS - Position your company as the leading, trusted company in your industry with a content marketing campaign that is integrated with press coverage, customer advocacy, thought leadership and event marketing.

Content Marketing Example

What Do Our Customers Say?

The team at AZK Media are informed, passionate, innovative and always strive to deliver outstanding quality content that is highly shareable across out internal, social media and PR channels.

Robin Marchant

(former) CMO, MedicalDirector

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