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Customer Advocacy


 Drive revenue through a customer advocacy program that encourages customers to be your 'raving fans' and recommend your product and services to others.

Lead Generation


 Grow your business through the power inbound lead generation. Engage with prospects in more authentic ways, and nurture your leads into loyal customers. 

Why is Customer Advocacy Critical for Your Business?
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Word of Mouth Marketing: The 'Rocketfuel' for your Marketing Engine

When it comes to purchasing decisions, consumers tend to listen to other consumers' reviews and recommendations over any company's marketing message.  If you acquire customers and turn them into 'raving fans', this generates a continuous cycle of attracting and growing your customer base and advocacy tribe. In this regard, customer acquisition leading to customer advocacy is the 'rocketfuel' for your inbound marketing engine.

Key Benefits of Customer Advocacy to Your Business


When you allow happy customers to explain how your service or product helps solve their problems, you are providing a third-party endorsement. This validates your business offerings, and strengthens trust in your brand.


According to Deloitte, good customer advocates spark conversations in your target market, and these recommendations turn into sales at a much higher rate and at a lower cost per conversion than other methods.


Research shows even a 12% increase in advocacy done well can represent up to a 200% increase in revenue.


90% of consumers rate ‘word of mouth’ marketing as hugely influential in their purchasing decisions. Customer advocates are 83% more likely to share information, and 50% more likely to influence a purchasing decision.

Examples of Customer Advocacy
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Clinic to Cloud

LEAD GENERATION  - Case studies and customer testimonials are a powerful way to attract prospects to your solutions. These could be in written or video formats or a customer can be invited to speak at an event or webinar - with all activity promoted through organic and paid marketing and social media channels. 


At AZK Media, we created a video testimonial series for Australia's leading health software company Clinic to Cloud, which was the top viewed social campaign for the year at only $1CPC and was the 2nd largest revenue-generating page second to the home page. 

Shopify Plus

DEMAND GENERATION - A robust customer advocacy program can be integral to demand generation, especially if you’re looking to expand into new global markets. For a global brand, amplifying local customer stories can be a powerful way to attract and engage regional demand for your product or service at scale.
AZK Media scaled local customer stories for Shopify Plus, collaborating closely with the regional marketing team to ensure each customer story reflected the best use case for the APAC region. These customer stories were then repurposed into thought leadership articles and published across major trade publications across the APAC region. Due to the successful rollout of Shopify Plus' APAC advocacy program, AZK Media's remit was expanded to also cover customer advocacy for the US region.  

sisense pr.png

INBOUND MARKETING - An ‘integrated customer advocacy program’ effectively blends a mix of PR and inbound marketing initiatives off the back of one customer advocate. For instance, a customer can be invited to share their story at a ‘lunch and learn’. That story can also be written up and published in the press, and then further repurposed as a webinar. 


AZK Media developed a bespoke, integrated customer advocacy program for leading data analytics company Sisense, featuring its customer, 

international technology and services company, Profectus. This included producing a written case study and distributing it as a press release highlighting Profectus’ customer success, resulting in over 100,000

web and social impressions. AZK Media also produced Sisense’s first ‘lunch and learn’  featuring customer Profectus in Melbourne and a virtual event in partnership with Snowflake, supporting over 100 MQLs.

Customer Advocacy Example
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