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Data Analytics, BI + AI

Business intelligence, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and big data are set to be powerful transformative forces. If you’re serious about making your solution stand out, consult with experts who deeply understand your challenges, the technical nuances of your industry and can articulate your message to your customers with impact.

Data Analytics, BI + AI
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Key Business Challenges 

Rapid innovation: The sheer speed and scale of innovation in business intelligence, data analytics and artificial intelligence means many CTOs and CIOs are struggling to keep up with the pace of change.


Untapped potential: Unlocking the value of data can empower businesses to achieve incredible outcomes, from increased efficiency and accuracy, to scaling a product or service. Yet many organisations are still confused as to how to leverage their data and reach their true potential.


Fear and distrust: There’s still some push-back against predictive analytics and AI across verticals such as health, finance and law, where professionals fear they will be ‘replaced by robots.’


Integration: In the age of interoperability and multi-cloud environments, some AI and BI solutions still struggle to offer a high level of integration, with many systems in this space struggling to ‘talk’ to each other.

Connecting with your customers

Educate and inspire: In a rapidly evolving space, education is the key to win your customer’s hearts and minds. Break down your customer’s problems, then explain, in simple terms, how leveraging data analytics, BI and AI can drive better business decision-making. 


Show don’t tell: Keep content dynamic and use language and visuals that are easily understood. Try masterclasses, workshops, webinars and video demos, so your customers are clear on what you offer, and how it is implemented and used in real life.


Dispel the myths: Explain through the right content, social media and PR channels, how the power and potential of data analytics and machine learning can help professionals like accountants, marketers, engineers, lawyers and health experts, not replace them. 


Demonstrate success: You could have the most exceptional innovation, but if you’re not amplifying your message across marketing, social and PR outlets, you’re invisible to your prospective customers. Leverage the right channels to showcase customer stories and the results they achieved using your product, and showcase why they chose your innovative solution over others.

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