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Public Relations and Thought Leadership


Gain the competitive edge and stand out from the crowd with our bespoke pubic relations, expert positioning and thought leadership program.

Three Key Questions to Ask Before Taking Your Business Message 'Public'
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Do I offer valuable insights?

Delivering valuable key messaging to your prospects is a key component of your PR and marketing mix. This involves providing helpful, educational and informative content that helps solve a prospect’s needs and resonates with them on a human level.

Is my pricing right?

You could have the most premium lead gen strategy and marketing/sales talent, but if your prospects are choosing your competitors because they perceive you as too expensive, or your pricing model doesn’t match their needs, then you don’t have a PR or marketing problem, you have a serious business problem.

Do I really have a unique selling point (USP)?

How good is your product or service and how does it stand out from your competitors? You need to communicate or articulate your key USPs clearly to your prospects via your media and marketing content.

Why is Public Relations Important to Your Business?


Positive media coverage can help increase trust, change public perception and strengthen credibility with your business or personal brand, as you are demonstrating that what you have to say or offer is of public importance. 


Media coverage of your recent executive appointments, business expansions or new partnership acquisitions demonstrates a measure of your success,  and helps showcase you above your competitors as a growing force.





While media coverage is not a  direct lead generation activity and usually sits at the ‘top of the marketing funnel’ to raise awareness, it can influence a purchasing decision. This is especially the case if a prospect is impressed by what the media is saying about you or your organisation.


While most media outlets don’t include backlinks in feature articles, some thought leadership articles or press release wires do support backlinks to your website, which means these third-party backlinks can help boost your SEO rankings. 

Examples of PR & Thought Leadership
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The Tax Institute

EXPERT POSITIONING - A strategic cadence of press interviews and media coverage ensures you’re consistently in the public eye and perceived as authorities and experts in your field.


AZK Media created an intense ‘inbound exposure’ campaign for The Tax Institute, to position their flagship Tax Summit as the premium industry event of the year. 


Within 10 weeks, AZK Media produced over 50 video creatives, 60 social media

posts, 30 pieces of thought leadership content, distributed 13 press releases and liaised with 300+ journalists. The result was 65+ pieces of news coverage including the AFR, The Australian, SMH, Accountants Daily, Smart Company and
the ABC, totaling a 1.5 million+ reach.

silverbuller pr.png

BRAND AWARENESS - Build and attract an authentic, engaged audience by scaling your C-Suite bylined thought leadership articles across a range of highly targeted publications and organic media channels.


Global data and marketing technology leader Silverbullet turned to their media and marketing partner, AZK Media achieved 100+ organic media placements of thought leadership
content and press releases for Silverbullet in less than12 months.
This included 300+ backlinks from third-party placements to the Silverbullet site and 200,000+ media reach and impressions.


The success of the campaign resulted in Silverbullet choosing to expand its partnership remit with AZK Media to
scale public relations activity across UK, US and EMEA.

sisense pr.png

TRUSTED LEADER - Position your company as the trusted leader in your industry with a public relations program that integrates customer use cases, thought leadership articles and press announcement.


AZK Media pioneered a bespoke PR program for Sisense to ensure both its global and local brand messages reached its target audience of data analytics professionals in the APAC region. In 12 months, AZK Media achieved 52+ organic media placements and placed 30+ syndicated pieces of content across organic, sponsored and partner channels, resulting in 200,000+ media reach and impressions.

The success of the campaign resulted in Sisense choosing to expand its partnership remit with AZK Media to cover the UK as well as the APAC region. 



PR Example
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