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Lead Generation


 Grow your business through the power inbound lead generation. Engage with prospects in more authentic ways, and nurture your leads into loyal customers. 

The Buyers Journey
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Exposure - Awareness

Increase exposure of your business by creating content that connects with your prospects at the right place and at the right time. Raise awareness of your key marketing messages and value proposition at scale.

Expertise - Consideration

Position yourself as an expert in your field by providing evidence to back up your claims such as research white papers, customer case studies, independent reviews testimonials. Facilitate prospect engagement.

Trust - Decision

Establish trust with your customers by ensuring your sales team offers highly personalised support. Offer product demos, pricing comparisons, relevant use cases and clear feature and benefit breakdowns. Sales enablement is key.

Inbound Lead Generation - Defined

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) are prospects that have expressed an interest in your product or service. This could be through submission of their contact details on your website, registering to your virtual or in-person event, downloading your content or even browsing through your site landing pages. Inbound lead generation allows you to build your community of prospects and nurture them into loyal customers.

What is the Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Lead Generation?


Involves actively going out to find your leads.  You're going to them, instead of them coming to you. ‘Cold calling' is a typical example of outbound activity.  This is a sales driven approach.


Encourages prospects to make inquiries out of their own accord. A webinar inviting people to register and interact with your thought leaders is an example of inbound activity.  This is a marketing approach.


These are contacts who’ve engaged with your marketing team’s efforts. Examples include making inquiries through social media, visiting your website, downloading an asset or registering for an event or newsletter. 


These are contacts who’ve taken actions indicating their interest in purchasing your product or service. An example of an SQL is a contact who fills out a form requesting a product demo or pricing comparison.

Examples of Inbound Lead Generation

YOUR 'OWNED' MEDIA CHANNEL - Built your audience with an engaging mix of webinars, podcasts and blogs, content library or digital magazines. Scale inbound efforts with a newsletter subscription, social media amplification and email marketing activities.


At AZK Media, we created a complete digital health magazine and newsletter for leading health software company MedicalDirector, which contributed a 247% increase in inbound lead generation and over 70% reduction in PR and advertising costs.

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Clinic to Cloud

CUSTOMER ADVOCACY - Case studies and customer testimonials are a powerful way to attract prospects to your solutions. These could be in written or video formats or a customer can be invited to speak at an event or webinar - with all activity promoted through organic and paid marketing and social media channels. 


At AZK Media, we created a video testimonial series for Australia's leading health software company Clinic to Cloud, which was the top viewed social campaign for the year at only $1CPC and was the 2nd largest revenue-generating page second to the home page. 


PARTNER MARKETING - Joint marketing activities with your trusted partners can be a powerful way to maximise inbound power. Activities such as webinars, events or research papers where you can share mutually beneficial lead lists can help scale your inbound efforts. 

At AZK Media, we created an integrated partner marketing campaign for leading data analytics company Sisense in partnership with Profectus and Snowflake. This included a joint webinar series, 'lunch n learn' and a written case study. The inbound campaign was the first of its kind in the APAC region and its success contributed to Sisense decision to expand AZK Media's remit to support the UK region.


GATED OR UNGATED ASSETS AND LANDING PAGES - Gated or ungated assets and downloadable such as white papers, ebooks, research reports or playbooks can be a powerful way to attract an audience. The content you provide in these assets should be closely aligned with your customer's pain points. The asset also needs be supported by organic and paid social and digital marketing campaigns.

At AZK Media, we've produced hundreds of inbound asset campaigns for our B2B clients which have generated 

exceptional results. As an example, we

created a playbook for attractions, leisure and entertainment software company ROLLER that 26% B2B conversation rate and a whopping

 7,000% return on investment.

Lead Generation Example
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