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Public relations and marketing solutions for B2B technology companies. We accelerate business growth in new and emerging markets with our range of award-winning public relations, inbound marketing and video solutions.
Our Public Relations and Marketing Solutions


 Drive customer demand with our inbound campaigns tailored to amplify your brand across the right media and marketing channels.

Gain the competitive edge and stand out from the crowd with our bespoke public relations, expert positioning and thought leadership program.

Drive revenue through a customer advocacy program that encourages customers to be your 'raving fans' and recommend your product and services to others.

Grow your business through the power of inbound lead generation. Engage prospects in more authentic ways, and nurture your leads into loyal customers. 

Attract, educate, inspire and grow your audience through the power of video. Discover why video marketing is critical to your company’s marketing mix.

Content that resonates with your customer at an emotional level is a powerful way to build trust with your brand and attract an engaged audience.

Educate, inspire and drive better business decision-making with the power of data. Discover how telling a 'clear and compelling' story with data can transform your business.

Technology PR and Marketing Specialists

Strengthen your public relations, communications and marketing capability with our deep-dive understanding of  complex, technical, emerging and innovative industries.

 Leading B2B technology clients across APAC, US, UK and Europe trust our innovative public relations and marketing solutions
Modern City

Why is PR critical for growing tech companies?


Technology companies need to get noticed by the right prospects fast when expanding into new regions. 

Billy Loizou, Area VP at Amperity explains why partnering with the right PR agency can supercharge your inbound lead engine.

Our Testimonials and Clients


 We're passionate about providing you with premium media, marketing and PR solutions, exceptional service and powerful results.

The team at AZK Media are informed, passionate, innovative and always strive to deliver outstanding quality content that is highly shareable across out internal, social media and PR channels.

Robin Marchant

(former) CMO, MedicalDirector

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