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AZK Media Founder shortlisted for B&T Women Leading Tech Awards

We are delighted to announce that our Founder and Managing Partner, Azadeh Williams has been shortlisted for the B&T Women Leading Tech Awards in TWO categories: Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

The Women Leading Tech Awards are fiercely competitive, and part of a wider initiative to help create the change that is needed to address the inequalities within the technology sector.

"By recognising all of the brilliant female tech talent in our industry, we hope that these women will no longer be excluded from the conversation," B&T stated.

According to B&T, Technology is transforming industries all around the world – and none more so than the media and marketing sector.

"Driving this technological change are talented and creative individuals that understand how technology can be used to help the industry progress. Unfortunately, technology remains a heavily male-dominated industry. According to the European Commission’s Women in Digital Scoreboard from 2019, only 17 per cent of ICT specialists are women, while women in ICT earn 19 per cent less than men on average," B&T stated.

About AZK Media Founder and Managing Partner, Azadeh Williams

Azadeh Williams founded AZK Media following over 20 years' media and marketing experience, working across some of the world's leading B2B, technology, data and marketing publications (Reuters, The Times UK, IDG).

Since the company's inception in 2017, AZK Media has grown to become a global consulting firm offering a range of highly in-demand marketing and media solutions, with a client base spanning APAC, North America, EMEA and the UK.


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