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AZK Media Founder Wins B&T Best of the Best Award for Public Relations

The B&T Best of the Best Awards, presented by Finecast, recognises individuals who are true leaders in their respective fields. And the categories are as diverse as our industry is big: from planning director to PR to journalist to Strategist, and back again.

We're excited to announce AZK Media Founder, Azadeh Williams, was awarded 'Best of the Best' in the category of Public Relations.

Presenting the award, leading journalist and presenter Stan Grant said: "This year's award winner has been praised for her ability to channel her passion, to transform complexities of the industry, into something compelling and digestible for prospects and the media."

In accepting the award, Azadeh said:

"I want to wish my sincere gratitude to my husband and business partner, Wayne Williams, for believing in our beautiful business and sharing the same passion and vision for its growth."

"Gratitude also goes out to our exceptionally talented team and partner network, Athina, Keith, Shruti, Michele. We’re only as good as the strength of our combined efforts."

"A huge thank you to our global client ecosystem for entrusting us with your campaigns over these years, and to B&T for your ongoing support of AZK Media throughout the years."

Williams had 15-plus years as a leading global technology journalist and had published over 6000 pieces of news and content for the likes of The Times (UK), Reuters, CMO Magazine and CIO Magazine. She then founded and built global B2B technology PR and marketing firm AZK Media in 2017.

In just over three-and-a-half years, AZK Media now undertakes B2B marketing, PR, comms, creative and content campaigns for some of the world’s leading B2B technology companies including Bench Media, Cheetah Digital, The CDP Institute, Clinic To Cloud and The Tax Institute, to name a few.

To date, Williams has mentored, trained and guided more than 200 women to strengthen their media, journalism, marketing and PR careers. Through her work as a lecturer, mentor and tutor at Sydney’s Macleay College, she has nurtured and inspired the future female media leaders with her passion for media and communications. Importantly, Williams has given over 20 young women a kickstart in their careers through entry-level roles at AZK Media and ongoing mentorship, all of whom have moved into exceptional media and PR roles.

Throughout the pandemic, Williams has used her spare time to actively help more than 20 women who had lost their jobs from large publishing, marketing and PR agencies to help them enhance their resumes, refine their LinkedIn profiles and nurture them into new and exciting opportunities.

Watch the full awards ceremony here.

Check out image highlights here.


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