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Featured in Dynamic Business: PR tips to rebuilding trust post-crisis

In the aftermath of a crisis, rebuilding trust is a paramount challenge for businesses and individuals alike. 

Navigating the path to recovery requires more than just damage control; it demands strategic and thoughtful approaches to restore confidence and uphold a positive reputation.

Journalist Yajush Gupta speaks with AZK Senior Content and Communications Specialist, Julie Cooper about rebuilding trust post-crisis with a communications lens. From transparent communication to proactive measures, she explores the actionable steps that can pave the way for a resilient and positive resurgence. 

“Facing a crisis is never on anyone’s wish list, but the reality is, it happens. Recent mishaps highlight the vital importance of not just being ready for a crisis but also responding swiftly when one arises," said Cooper.

“Technology giants like Amazon, Netflix and Uber have elevated expectations around speed and convenience, shaping a landscape where instant gratification is the norm."

“This lies in stark contrast to decades past when companies could internally navigate a crisis, taking time to formulate a plan before issuing a public response. Today, the rules are much different."

Cooper reveals five key steps to consider when rebuilding trust and maintaining a positive reputation after a crisis:

  1. Acknowledge mistakes promptly, taking full responsibility without deflecting or playing the blame game.

  2. Foster transparent and honest communication with stakeholders, providing timely updates.

  3. Act decisively by implementing corrective actions and showcasing a sincere commitment to Change.

  4. Initiate an ongoing dialogue, actively listening to concerns and incorporating feedback to rebuild trust over time.

  5. Prioritise ethical practices, community engagement and social responsibility to foster a positive perception.

“Lastly, remember that trust takes years to build and only a moment to lose. Rebuilding requires patience – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. So maintain the momentum and commitment over time," Cooper added.

Read the full story here.


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