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Featured in Dynamic Business: Breaking the bias in business

Despite the fact that many countries around the world have begun to take steps toward eradicating patriarchy and establishing equality, gender parity is unlikely to be achieved in our lifetimes; according to the Global Gender Gap Report 2020, gender parity will not be achieved for another 99.5 years.

Dynamic Business recently deep dived into the glass ceiling effect and its impact on women in the workplace, interviewing our very own Julie Cooper, Senior Content and Communications Specialist. She says:

“One of the biggest workplace challenges facing a woman today is her own self-belief. Women tend to downplay their achievements, truly underestimating them. Most often, it stems from the fear of appearing too “arrogant” or too “full of ourselves.”

“In reality, however, that strong sense of belief in oneself is a vital component of success. It’s what makes us feel brave enough and confident enough to put ourselves forward for promotions and the praise we deserve. It’s key to creating lasting gender equality in the workplace.

“To cultivate this strong sense of self-belief takes seeing ourselves ‘in a new light’. It means having our own backs. And it’s a practice; a daily remembrance that we are worthy of everything wonderful in this life and especially, at work.

“The beauty of creating this unshakeable self-belief is that in doing so, we’re also giving others permission to do the same.”

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