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Featured in Forbes: Tips for new CEOs to rebrand their B2B tech company

A typical B2B technology founder is incredibly devoted to the business they worked so hard to launch. Passing the torch to someone else to lead the venture as it grows can be a challenge, not only for the outgoing CEO, but also for the rest of the organisation and the company’s customer base.

Once a new chief executive is brought on, they would be wise to consider their next steps carefully before making significant changes to the company's brand or undertaking a total rebrand.

In this article featured in Forbes Magazine, we share a few simple and yet impactful tips new CEOs can consider to ensure a smooth transition and continued growth for their B2B technology company.

"The CEO needs to first understand the customer’s pain points and their industry challenges, then “take a look under the hood” at the internal marketing and brand mix to see what’s working and what isn’t."

"The chief experience officer, chief marketing officer and the brand director need to be involved every step of the way. At all costs, avoid doing marketing to please the new CEO—always market to the customer!"

Read the full article here.


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