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Featured in Forbes: Marketing automation for tech companies on a budget

Automated marketing processes are table stakes for most B2B organisations serious about attracting new prospecting and scaling growth across multiple regions. From emails and customer relationship management to social media posts, a strong omnichannel strategy gives companies an edge over the competition.

For cash-conscious technology businesses however, the cost of building out automated capabilities can be prohibitive, and choosing which lead generation tools to invest in is a big decision.

In this article featured in Forbes Magazine, we shared this simple and yet impactful marketing automation tip a recently launched B2B technology company could use to acquire new customers:

"Given that our agency specialises in B2B inbound marketing, what we’ve found to work (apart from email marketing) is the power of social media automation. Platforms such as Sprout Social and Bambu are fantastic to scale social media amplification across both company and individual social pages, which can help get your message in front of more targeted prospects organically, with zero ad spend."

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