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  • Azadeh Williams

Future HR leaders need to think like marketers

Having human resources embrace the methods of the marketing department can help attract top talent, improve retention and even grow the business.

The disruptive age of customer centricity means the pressure is on businesses to be agile and take a more holistic view of both their employee and customer experience. Traditional, siloed ways of working in HR and marketing working are no longer relevant, as fresh opportunities emerge to collaborate and attract the best talent, while fostering an inclusive culture that drives greater brand advocacy.

The success behind HR and marketing working together stems from a mutual understanding that customer experience and employee experience go hand in hand. Those who are getting it right know what it takes to form a natural bond and create an employee engagement programme with the same level of care as client-facing initiatives…..

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This article originally appeared in Raconteur’s Future of HR report, published in The Times (UK) and The Sunday Times (UK).


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