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  • Wayne Williams

Quick checklist for choosing the right marketing agency

So you've decided to outsource some, or all of your marketing capability. Congratulations! In tough times, this can only be a good thing. Businesses now, more than ever, want their marketing spend to generate more value, deliverables and results, and are realising outsourcing marketing is starting to look like a pretty smart option.

Here's a quick checklist to help choose the right marketing partner that will set your business up for success:

1. They offer you a personalised approach

Invest in a marketing partner, not an agency that sees your business as 'another account on retainer.' Your marketing partner should offer an integrated media, inbound and marketing strategy that's tailored to your specific needs. They shouldn't try to squeeze you into a 'one size fits all' retainer model.

2. Are senior, seasoned experts

Find the best, senior specialist marketing agency who demonstrate success in your industry, really understands your customer pain points, and knows how to orchestrate the right 'marketing ecosystem' to deliver maximum impact.

Avoid any agency that charges exceptionally high hourly rates, then hands over your 'retainer' to a junior 'account manager' who has a base level understanding of your business, customers and industry. This is a complete waste of money. If you're paying senior rates, you should have access to an exceptional, senior team of marketing talent.

3. Understands every component of the customer journey

If your agency only knows how to generate 'awareness and mindshare', then you're severely limiting your marketing potential. Ensure your marketing and media partner has the capability to address all parts of the customer journey from awareness to consideration, to conversion.

4. Allows your marketing capability to quickly scale when you do

Whether your activity goes through escalations or downturns, your marketing agency should have the capability to quickly scale with you, without all the messy hiring and firing needed for in-house movements.

5. Is accountable for results

An outsourced marketing partner has to get you results, period, and they have to start from day one. This means their deliverables are clearly defined and every single billable hour is accounted for. So you're not spending your marketing budget simply for 'bums on seats,' superfluous marketing 'huddles' and other unproductive internal activities.

6. They're a natural extension of your team

Find an outsourced marketing partner that is a good, natural fit with your business, is highly immersive, collaborative and works closely with your C-Suite to deliver results against your KPIs. This model is completely different from traditional media or marketing agencies, which work on an outdated 'rigid retainer' model.

Unleash your potential by investing in the right marketing partner,

Imagine how powerful your marketing efforts could be if you have a full team of senior marketers on hand to direct your strategic marketing efforts and help you make your budget work smarter, not harder.

Discover how AZK Media can be your trusted media and marketing partner. Check out our solutions here.

Wayne Williams is the Head of Business Growth at AZK Media.


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