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  • Julie Cooper

Amperity CRO reveals top tips to grow your technology company globally

Expanding into a new region like APAC is exciting for global tech vendors. The area is ripe with opportunity, sparking some to call it “the world’s growth engine”. But what exactly are the benefits of breaking into the APAC market? For Amperity CRO Michael Wasyluka, one major benefit is understanding.

Better Business 101: Listen, learn and understand

“As we start to expand internationally, I’m excited as I love to travel,” Michael tells AZK Media in a ‘Walk and Talk’ episode. “But more importantly, I've had an opportunity to work with companies that have offices in 19 different countries around the world. And I think we learn a lot as a business when we actually get outside of our own home area in the United States and go out, listen, learn and understand how organisations engage with their consumers and customers. It makes us a better business.”

Amperity is a global company that works with some of the largest global companies on the planet, helping them drive growth with unified customer data. For Michael, there’s nothing better than knowing Amperity customers well enough to support their customer loyalty goals and help them make sense of “messy” customer data.

“Our ability to help the brands we work with understand who their customers are is really, really important. So it's exciting to actually come out here, be part of the APAC region and expand the relationships we have with our existing customers today, helping them expand their footprint and understand their customer base,” he says.

Strictly APAC

Breaking into a new region doesn’t come without its complexities. However, Michael believes the biggest way to abate any challenges is with perspective.

“First and foremost, as we move into new regions and territories, we make sure we put the lens on it from the country that we're in. That means understanding how they engage with their consumer and work with the business without influencing our interactions with a U.S. perspective,” he explains.

“Amperity works with consumer data, so there are different laws with regard to privacy, security and where that data can be hosted and housed. Beyond adhering to the local regulations, it’s important that we understand what the consumers, the end users, actually care about in APAC. As long as we are listening, observing and following elements of the business, we should be successful.”

PR investment fuels regional business growth

When global vendors break into a new market, it’s important they get their name out there. Oftentimes, the new area will be saturated in competition so share of voice is vital.

“PR is a key part of our expansion strategy, specifically as we branch into a new region where our name is not well known,” Michael says. “PR and marketing help ensure that potential customers get a chance to understand what we do, the value we provide and the problems that we're solving.

“In particular, PR helps shape and tell the story of who we are as an organisation. What is the personality we bring, and how do we intend to engage with the company? What should they expect when they work with us? How do we think? How do we operate? And more importantly, how are we ensuring that we are putting the needs of their customers first?”

Authored by Julie Cooper, Senior Content and Communications Specialist at AZK Media.

This article was also featured in LBB, one of the world's leading marketing publications.

At AZK Media, we thrive in helping technology companies break into new and emerging regions like APAC and UK/EMEA. To discover how we can help drive growth for your business, contact us. We look forward to discussing your expansion goals with you.


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