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Featured in Forbes: Expert tips on 'visual marketing'

Visuals can influence prospects like nothing else can, and younger generations, in particular, value the ability to search online using real-life images or videos. With its ability to help consumers on the hunt for specific products find exactly what they are looking for, visual search is growing in popularity every day. Moreover, visual search is a huge boon for brands, as it can help to increase their visibility and boost their sites’ SEO.

In this feature in Forbes, AZK Media's Founder and Managing Partner, Azadeh Williams, shares a few key tips for ensuring website images and videos can be crawled, indexed and easily found by a user conducting a visual search:

"Keep visuals clear, compelling and easy to understand. We’ve found that if you want to keep the younger generation engaged, keep the visuals funny, lighthearted and entertaining. It’s also important to produce and optimize your visual content regularly and consistently."

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