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Featured in Made for Marketers: Atomic habits to supercharge your marketing

Rock music, healthy habits, and toxic culture…what does it take to be a 'rockstar' marketer, especially given marketers are facing more scrutiny than ever before?

With an uncertain economic climate, rapid technology disruption and changing consumer behaviour, the role of marketing has never been more volatile. Marketers are often forced to do more with less and churn greater leads with less budget, resources and smaller teams. It's no wonder marketing and communications professionals are seeing high burnout rates, with 83.3% reporting they are burned out.

So what are the common causes of burnout in marketing, and what can help empower marketers to be the best version of themselves?

In this podcast episode of 'Made for Marketers' B2B Marketing Technology Leader Billy Loizou, sits down with AZK Media's Managing Partner Azadeh Williams, to discuss ways to incorporate small micro-habits into your day-to-day, which will inevitably change your results.

An unmissable episode if you are in B2B technology. Tune in now on Apple or Spotify.


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