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  • Jessica Poulter

AdTech trends: Bonzai’s Harley Ramien reveals the power of innovation

With AI gaining traction at lightspeed, this year is one of significant evolution across the AdTech space. The latest episode of ‘AZK Meets’ features Bonzai Director, Asia Pacific, Harley Ramien. He speaks with AZK Founder and Managing Director Azadeh Williams on the growth of the company and key trends within the AdTech landscape. 

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Bonzai is a premier creative technology platform trusted by top publishers, agencies and advertisers in the APAC region. By adopting cutting-edge technology to simplify the creative production process, marketers and designers across the world are empowered to build a tailored creative experience on various channels, formats and screens. 

Bonzai recently marked its milestone 10th anniversary and had much to celebrate. In just a decade, the company completely transformed the way media owners build their content. In an industry-first, Bonzai launched a premier new ad format called BrandStory that boasts triple the ad space and 2.8 times greater ‘viewability’ than single scroll ad formats. Responding to the surging demands for prime ad real estate and simplified processes, the company has succeeded in delivering solutions to marketers, publishers and designers. 

Below, Ramien reveals what makes Bonzai tick. Let’s jump in.

Bonzai’s expansion is on the horizon

Bonzai mainly operates in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. “The great thing about Bonzai right now is that we have been able to help build a lot of success for publishers locally. We are looking to see what we can do in other regions, like the U.S. and Europe,” said Ramien. 

First-party data gains momentum

A question that is at the forefront of trends in the AdTech space is, “What's going to happen with cookies and third-party data?” Ramien explains that he sees a big role for publishers with first-party data and how they go about monetising that to their advantage. “What will be really important is having premium products with ways to capture the data and make the most of the opportunity.”

Premium ad formats on the upward trend

Bonzai is also looking at finding better ways to display ad formats within the eCommerce space. “That is something we feel is going to be super important. Premium products and premium formats, in lieu of lots of small little ads everywhere, is a theme that we are seeing as well.” 

A major component of Bonzai’s success is knowing what the end user wants. Consumers are opting for a higher quality content experience and a premium product offering. With the use of Bonzai’s leading ad format technology, the advertising landscape is simplified for publishers and marketers alike, captivating the attention of the end-user. 

PR and marketing key to expansion efforts

Without PR and marketing, the growth and success of any business only reaches a certain level. Bonzai has worked with AZK Media since the company was in its infancy, gaining a wealth of momentum and exposure for Bonzai to expand. 

Ramien notes that AZK Media has played a pivotal role in providing PR and marketing solutions for Bonzai as it continues to grow. “Our focus has been building our product and working with customers to help them achieve their goals. 

“The important factor for us moving forward into new markets is that we have our work showcased and talked about when the time comes to launch. We have been happy to work with AZK Media and feel PR is important moving forward.”

Authored by Jessica Poulter, Senior Social Media and Communications Specialist at AZK Media.

At AZK Media, we specialise in helping global technology companies get noticed in new and emerging markets. We make driving your growth our business. Contact us today to see how we can strengthen your expansion efforts. 


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