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  • Julie Cooper

Future of marketing and AR: Interview with XRii

From augmented reality (AR) bringing doctors’ eyes and ears to remote medical exams to mixed reality revolutionising aviation maintenance and Apple’s VR headset, which is predicted to change the world, one thing is clear: modern times are ushering in new forms of reality. XRii, a leading marketing platform, is paving the way in the mixed reality space, revolutionising brand engagement and conversions with cutting-edge interactive solutions.

To find out more about how XRii is not just pushing boundaries in marketing and engagement; it’s eliminating them, AZK Media Managing Director Azadeh Williams catches up with Liam Scammell, Chief Operating Officer at XRii at Advertising Week APAC. With Sydney’s iconic Luna Park serving as the backdrop, the two engage in an inspiring conversation about loyalty, shifting marketing trends and the power of AR in revolutionising customer and fan engagement. Let’s dive in.

A wave of excitement in loyalty

We are currently witnessing a wave of exciting innovations in the realm of technology and marketing, and XRii is positioned well to capitalise on the buzz. “XRii is bringing something a bit new and different,” Scammell explains. “The attention economy in marketing is so competitive.”

To help brands find their leading edge, XRii is bringing AR and geo-mapping to loyalty. “People are familiar with different types of loyalty solutions, but historically, there haven’t been a lot of options to use this new type of technology. That’s where XRii comes in, offering businesses a new way to stand out.”

Boosting marketing strategies with AR

Traditional marketing strategies are evolving rapidly, driven by technological advancements. Scammell draws attention to the influential role of emerging technologies, such as Apple Vision Pro, in shaping marketing trends. He explains, "The advancements in technology continue to dictate marketing trends. Look at Apple Vision Pro, for instance. Products like that continue to advance, influencing how marketers adapt to that technology with augmented reality, mixed reality and blended reality."

Integrating augmented reality and mixed reality in marketing strategies is gradually becoming a norm as brands seek fresh and captivating ways to interact with audiences.

Creating a buzz with AR scavenger hunts

A relatively young player in the space, XRii is focused on establishing its presence and gaining recognition with local brands. "B2B sales and growth can be quite a challenge. This is one of the reasons we’re here at Advertising Week — to network and offer something a bit different,” he says.

To create buzz around its offerings, XRii organised an engaging AR scavenger hunt, leading participants around the park. This initiative not only helps expand their network but also showcases the potential of AR technology to engage audiences in new and exciting ways.

Making an impact with AR and PR

With a strong foothold in the sports sector, XRii is now setting its sights on broader horizons. Scammell acknowledges the diverse range of events where XRii's technology can make a significant impact. He says, "We’re already well connected in sport. But there are many events outside of sport, whether that’s conferences, music festivals, etc., that we see great use cases for XRii’s technology."

As XRii extends its reach beyond the sports industry, the need for a local PR agency becomes even more pronounced. By understanding the pulse of the local market, AZK Media works to amplify XRii’s message, create connections and drive the inbound lead generation that paves the way for growth.

This interview was also featured in Little Black Book Online, one of the world's leading brand, marketing and creative publications.

Authored by Julie Cooper, Senior Content and Communications Specialist at AZK Media.

At AZK Media, we specialise in helping global technology companies get noticed in new and emerging markets. We make driving your growth, our business. Contact us today to see how we can strengthen your expansion efforts.


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