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Featured in MARKETECH APAC: Top technology PR tips

With the fast-paced digital world, marketers and communicators have a bigger challenge in their hands to deliver communications that would truly snare consumers’ attention – and in a sustained manner. The boulder becomes even bigger as communication strategies differ per each industry. One such industry that is often perplexed in resonating seamlessly with consumers is tech.

In this feature interview with Marketech APAC, we deep dived into some key technology PR and communications tips to help businesses in new and emerging markets.

We believe that everyone digests information in different ways, as some people prefer to read a press release or article, while others watch a video or listen to a podcast, and some just prefer to see a one-page slide or infographic.

When we help our technology clients scale their go-to-market strategy, we ensure the campaign integrates a product launch video with great messaging, all on a beautifully designed and SEO rich web landing page. We then amplify that content with a press campaign, and scale inbound activity with a mix of paid and organic digital, creative and social marketing campaigns.

When it comes to communicating the tech message, we often see technology companies struggle when marketing a new product. To fix this issue, we aim at making complex technical concepts easily understandable, digestible and ‘attractive’ to their prospects and a broader audience.

What we do is first deep dive and understand what critical problems or pain points the technology solves for customers at a micro level, along with the wider economic, social and industry benefits of the innovation at a macro level.

We then take a look at what emotions the product evokes: is it trust, confidence or peace of mind? Is it empowerment or excitement? Once we connect the product solution to those key emotive elements, the message resonates at a deeper level with both experts and non-expert audiences.

We then amplify our client’s press releases and thought leadership content across the thousands of publications in their global media network. In addition, we also have strategic partnerships with key publishers, technology institutes and industry organisations where they further syndicate and scale their client’s messaging.

On top of this, we leverage powerful inbound marketing strategies, email marketing and social media amplification methods to really amplify all the messaging at scale. From a social media platform perspective, we’ve found LinkedIn as a highly powerful platform for B2B technology message ‘stickiness.'

On the topic of business KPIs, there are many measurement tools now that can show exactly what revenue can be attributed to inbound marketing efforts, versus other marketing and sales activities.

We suggest technology marketers measure social media engagement (not just ‘reach and impressions), site traffic increase, click through rates, inbound sales inquiries (leads), number of demos booked and share of voice against competitors.

Now this list is not exhaustive, but it’s a good starting point to make more data-driven decisions to help further refine your marketing messaging.

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