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Featured in Forbes: How to leverage AI in marketing and advertising

Data analytics, AI and BI are continuing to transform the way marketers and advertisers deliver, scale and measure campaigns.

In the world of marketing and advertising, the applications for AI are virtually endless—brands come up with new ideas and innovative ways to leverage it every day.

So how can AI continue to evolve advertising and marketing?

Every agency leader will have their own preferences and notions about the most effective use cases for AI in their space.

As data enthusiasts, the team at AZK Media have been honoured to represent some of the biggest tech enterprises in the martech and adtech space.

Thanks to Forbes and Forbes Agency Council for featuring insights from our Managing Partner in this in-depth, insider's view into how marketers, agencies and PR professionals are currently leveraging AI platforms to strengthen campaigns.

“We like AI-enabled media monitoring services that can offer real-time insights into share of voice, media and social media coverage as well as deeper competitive analysis. It’s exciting to see how these solutions have evolved so quickly over the past few years. We also leverage AI-enabled transcription services and editorial solutions to help scale our content creation fast.” - Azadeh Williams, AZK Media

Read the full article here.


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