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  • Jessica Poulter

Top journalists reveal why tech companies need PR

Tech companies are creating a new digital world. Why not partner with a tech-focused public relations agency that can trumpet your start-up or company’s achievements and help it acquire more customers, and maybe investors as well? 

Young reporter interviewers business person on camera.

Journalism and PR now go hand-in-hand

The once yawning chasm between PR practitioners and journalists has, like so many things, been digitally disrupted. 

Many ex-journalists have transitioned into PR and PR-adjacent roles. Those overworked, poorly resourced journalists that remain are increasingly reliant on PR agencies to do things such as arrange interviews, source quotes and supply imagery. 

In short, if you want the media spotlight shining on your tech business, you’d be well-advised to join forces with a PR agency. Ideally one that employs former tech journalists and has deep connections with many working ones.      


We asked some of Australia’s best tech journalists for their exclusive insights on the importance of PR. Here’s what they had to say: 

Rosalyn Page, Senior Journalist, CIO, CSO, The Times, SMH, The Australian

"Good PR is essential for the technology media landscape. In fact, I don't think it could function without it. Journalists often turn to the PR professionals to source information; whether it's an investigative story or they want to get behind the headlines. Other times, they're looking for expertise or technical information for their readership."

Andrew Birmingham, Editor, Mi3

"I couldn't have built a media business without PR. The reality is, the best PR people actually have great connections with the clients that they work with. What I want is for a PR professional to put me in front of the right person at a company who can actually answer the question and is willing to answer the question. I find that the best PR practitioners actually understand what their clients do. There's a reasonable number of PR people who haven't made the effort to actually understand what it is that their clients do. I don't expect you to understand it as well as the client, but when a journalist comes in and asks a question, you need to be able to put them in front of the right decision-maker who can tell the story."

Paul Smith, Technology Editor, Australian Financial Review

"Often you need to be able to get a comment from a company, which isn't a person. If it's a US-based company, you need someone on the ground to be able to get in touch with. If you have a professional working with a company that knows what the media needs in terms of what kind of spokesperson, what kind of response they need, then you're going to cause a lot less friction at our end when we have to write a story and give the right of reply. "

If you are searching for an award-winning B2B tech PR agency that has trusted relationships with journalists across the globe, enquire with AZK Media today. 

Written by Jessica Poulter, Senior Communications and Social Media Specialist.


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