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  • Jessica Poulter

What should tech companies look for in a PR agency?

You’re a tech company creating products that aim to transform the digital world - amazing! 

But do people know about all the wonderful things you are doing? 

If the answer to that question is “no”, you’re going to need a PR agency.

Group of business people standing around a table smiling

Let’s assume you’ve taken the first step of identifying certain PR firms that resonate with your values based on their compelling website copy (tick) and provide expert knowledge in technology and AI (gigantic tick). How do you determine which PR firm is right for your company? 

What are some considerations to help you navigate the PR agency confusion?

PR professionals are more than just wordsmiths and event organisers.They build trusted relationships between key stakeholders and an organisation’s audience to ensure an optimal chance of success and coverage. 

To ensure you are making the correct decision , check the PR agency’s portfolio to see what type of clients they partner with and the volume of coverage they generate for them. 

As with any similar business decision, it’s worth asking what your potential new supplier brings to the table that its competitors don’t. Take it as a red flag if you can’t identify the ‘point of difference’ of a PR agency you are considering using.   

What sets AZK Media apart?

It’s unusual for PR professionals to come from strong journalistic backgrounds. But at AZK Media, all our key staff are deeply experienced journalists who understand how to establish themselves with (increasingly overworked and time-poor) media professionals.  We know what information journalists need to gather for their story and to give that story a compelling angle. With award-winning journalists and PR professionals on the AZK Media team, you can rest assured that we know the ‘A to Z’ of what makes a B2B tech company tick. 

What do journalists think of PR agencies?

We interviewed several top-tier journalists about what tech companies should look for in PR agencies and how journalists like to engage with PR professionals. Let’s jump in!

Rosalyn Page, Senior Journalist, CIO, CSO, The Times, SMH, The Australian

"PR agencies should have a familiarity with their client’s technology and be really in touch with the local media. They should have a relationship with the journalists and know the intricacies of the publications. PR agencies are the linchpin between the client, their work, the expertise and the publications who are looking for that sort of information."

Paul Smith, Technology Editor, Australian Financial Review

"From my perspective, it's just about relationships with journalists. As a journalist, I just want someone that I can talk to and get an honest read of whether a company can comment on a story, whether they will comment on a story, and then to be able to respond in a timely manner."

Andrew Birmingham, Editor, Mi3

"Look for an ability to actually tell the truth. One of the things I found about the IT industry is there is a disconnect between what's actually going on and the stories that they tell. It's really important when you're talking to journalists that you actually give a reasonably fair and accurate account of what your company does. There's a lot of young journalists out there who don't necessarily understand what you do and when you say things, they believe you. It's really important because when you're talking to those journalists, you're talking to their audience."

If you are searching for an award-winning B2B tech PR agency that has trusted relationships with journalists across the globe, enquire with AZK Media today. 

Written by Jessica Poulter, Senior Communications and Social Media Specialist.


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